Andy Miller, Owner

At Angry Eagle Lodge & Outfitters, we want to give you the Alaskan fishing adventure of a lifetime. In fact, our goal is for you to return after a long day of fishing and tell us you’ve had the best day of your life.

When Angry Eagle Lodge was built in 1984, it quickly became one of Alaska’s premier, full-service fishing lodges. And now, more than 20 years later, we remain committed to carrying on that same tradition by staying true to our core beliefs of living life to its fullest while respecting our neighbors and the land around us. We also pride ourselves on the amazing folks who work with us. From our fishing guides and pilots to our master chef and dedicated housekeeping staff, our team is simply the best.

We’ve artfully created a range of opportunities that allows you to experience Alaska to its fullest while helping you get the most out of your trip. That’s why we’ve expanded our fleet and added Eagle’s Peak Lodge—a spacious lodge that overlooks Lake Iliamna… and we’ve only just gotten started!  This means you have a chance to see and do even more each year you return to Angry Eagle.