Fishing Equipment

Wondering what kind of Alaskan sport fishing equipment you’ll need during your stay at Angry Eagle Lodge & Outfitters? Here are our recommendations for everything from tackle and rods to waders and boots.

Angry Eagle has a complete inventory of fly, spinning, and bait-casting equipment featuring custom Temple Fork Outfitters (TFO) 6-wt. and 8-wt. fly rods, complemented with TFO fly reels and fly lines as well as light and heavy TFO spinning and bait rods. Quality Shimano spinning and bait casting reels are also furnished, as are the flies, spinners, and jigs during your fishing trip at no additional cost.

Our Wader Rental & Purchase Program

Bringing a quality pair of waders and wading boots is a must, since you’ll be wearing them every day. If you don’t own a pair, we offer a rental program that allows you to rent high-quality Simms® G3 and Patagonia® waders and wading boots for $100 weekly. If you wish to purchase this equipment to take home after using them at Angry Eagle we will be happy to order Simms or Patagonia waders and boots for you and have them waiting at the lodge upon your arrival.

If you’d like to rent or purchase waders and boots, please let us know at least 30 days prior to your arrival at Angry Eagle.

Remember, felt sole waders and wader boots are Illegal in Alaska.

Spinning Equipment

This list covers everything except for equipment needed to catch king salmon, which can weigh upward of 50 pounds and require heavy-duty bait casting equipment to land. We furnish this type of equipment at the lodge, but you’re welcome bring your own equipment. Contact us so we can tell you more about what you’ll need.

Lightweight spinning rod (1/8-oz. to 1/4-oz. lures)
Lightweight reel loaded with 8-lb. line
Medium to heavy spinning rod (3/8 oz. to 3/4 oz.)
Medium-weight reel loaded with 17-lb. test line
Chest waders (We recommend GORE-TEX®)
Mepps spinners #3 & #5
Vibrax spinners #3 & #5
Pixie spoons 3/8 – 5/8 oz.
Dardevle spoons 3/8 – 5/8 oz.
Black crappie jigs 1/8 – 1/4 oz.


While our guests are welcome to use our Temple Fork Outfitters’ 6-wt. 7-wt. and 8-wt. fly rods, we suggest bringing your own rods if you have them. After all, if your gear is customized for your use, it will most likely increase your chances of hooking a fish worthy of bragging about for years to come.

We also provide an assortment of flies and other terminal tackle, but keep your options open and bring as many flies as you’d like. Here are our other recommendations for bringing your own rods, reels, and terminal tackle:

5–7wt fly rod for trout and char 

8–9 wt fly rod for salmon and pike 

Floating and sink tip fly lines

8 & 10 lb leaders for trout and char  

17 – 20 lb leaders for salmon 

30 – 50 lb leaders for pike 

Single & double egg patterns - Size 4 & 6

Pink & orange bunny or egg

sucking leaches - Size 2 & 4 

Black & purple muddler

minnow - Size 2, 4 & 6  

Royal Wolfe dry flies - Stimulator flies - Size 12, 14 & 16